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Hey, I'm Indigo, the founder of Indigo Freya. I started my brand in 2019 after graduating in 2015 with my degree in fashion design and working as a designer in the fashion industry for a few years. I run all aspects of my independent clothing brand out of my Manchester based studio.

I have one goal. To combine the essence of 90s & y2k fashion, the glamour of drag culture, and the power of individuality into an apparel brand that embodies a 90s nostalgia. Indigo Freya is ‘made for the dancefloor’ and I want each piece to encourage people to embrace their uniqueness and inner confidence.

I'm a supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and embrace drag culture in my approach to design, also championing the rave and festival culture from the 90s and y2k eras. I offer customisation on a number of styles to allow for shoppers to truly express themselves.

Each unique piece of clothing is hand made by me, aiming to be part of a better, more sustainable future for fashion and ensuring passion and quality goes into every piece.

Thanks for reading my story,

Lots of Love Indigo xox

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